Cold Case Review - Except for the climax twist, there's nothing special about the film

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Written by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

Prithviraj’s Ayappanum Koshiyum garnered incredulously tremendous views for Amazon Prime Video though it wasn’t a direct OTT release. Apparently, the duo is back this year with ‘Cold Case’, which has skipped the theatrical release and opted for the direct premiering today. As the visual promos have already clearly revealed, ‘Cold Case’ is a movie that might look like a first-of-its-kind hybrid genre of Supernatural thrillers and Crime Investigation blended together. But how far does the movie accomplish what it promised? 

When a human skull is found amidst a fishing net in the neighborhood, the city is alarmed with the shocking news on who the victim could be. ACP Sathyajith (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is assigned to handle this investigation. On the other hand, Medha (Aditi Balan), a divorcee-single mom has occupied a new house for rental, where she starts witnessing some paranormal activities. Both these characters bounce upon each other at a point in time, where they’ll have to trust their ideologies of faith and logic to trace the killer. 

This might not be a real hybrid version as the makers had promised. We have come across many such movies earlier. The only appreciable part in the movie is the surprise element of revealing the killer. The entire investigation process itself looks predictable and dull. Moreover, Prithviraj’s screen presence is more like an extended cameo and there’s nothing special to expect with his performance. In simple terms, it really lets us wonder how actually prompted him to take up this script. Aditi Balan, the young girl, who stole the spotlights with her spellbinding performance in the Tamil movie ‘Aruvi’ has done a decent job. The others in the star cast aren’t much noteworthy. 

Having claimed this movie as a Supernatural thriller by the makers, there isn’t a single scene that will let your spines get chilled. 

On the whole, ‘Cold Case’ fails to fulfill our expectations. We expected something fresh and unique from the team, but end up watching a mediocre supernatural thriller potboiler. Moreover, the recent Malayalam movie ‘Nizhal’ had a similar plot involving investigation, which can be considered as yet another factor that eclipses the interest with ‘Cold Case’. 


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