LOL Salaam Series Review – A Passable time pass entertainer

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The attempts of Zee5 to raise its standard of bestowing its subscribers with good shows continue, but the vulnerable part is the presentation. Many series have instilled the curiousness to pick it in our watch list before release. Nonetheless, most of them have failed to impress us vividly. Let us take a look at what’s LOL SALAAM; the newly premiered Telugu series is all about.

 A group of young friends accompanied by a middle-aged man embark on a trip to local waterfalls. Situations turn out to be topsy-turvy when one among them accidentally steps on a landmine. The entire plot revolves around the attempts to save their pal. 

The series opens on a hilarious note, and we are indicated on more fun and adventure involved. Of course, the group of friends-Travel duo combo always signifies either a fun-filled entertainer or something that will inspire the audience vividly. We are assured that there’s more fun ahead until the story takes a diversion into serious complications. Naturally, the writers have given their best in presenting this drama with some gripping moments, but when it eventually gets blended with Naxal-Politician combat and the locals protesting for the environmental issues, the substantiality gets flimsy. The makers could have avoided these elements and kept the story clear-cut and precise by centering on this particular plot. The performances are neat and good. In particular, Kivish gives a decorous performance. So are the others in the cast, who have done justice to their characters. 

On the technical front; the BGM score adds a decent escalation to the script, and it’s the same with cinematography. While the makers have done a commendable job with humor elements, the sub-plots become the impediment in hassling the engrossments of LOL Salaam.

Overall, Lol Salaam premiered on Zee5 will be a cherry-pick for the ones, who have no other options than to kill their time. 


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