Sherni Review – Simple tale with honest and intense writing makes it watchable

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When Vidya Balan stepped ahead and created a huge fan base with her appealing performances in movies like The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, many filmmakers approached her for movies that had flimsy tales. In fact, their motive was to encash the success, she created with these movies. Disappointingly, most of such attempts went to become disasters. With a stupendous comeback through Mission Mangal, Okay! Let’s get straight into the analysis of Vidya Balan’s latest outing Sherni, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video today (June 18, 2021).

A village located amidst the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh is bound to a hazardous situation of its villagers and cattle preyed by a tigress. While the newly appointed Divisional Forest Officer Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan) tries to balance between the villagers and the newly named Tigress – T 12, she faces concatenation of hurdles from all sides including her higher officials and politicians.

By the initial moments, we might be wondering how far, one would stick to the screens, watching this slow-paced movie. Well, Man Vs Animal movies have always encapsulated loud adventures and more action blocks. In contrast, Vidya Balan’s Sherni starts off on a slow note and retains the same momentum, even after it completes the first hour. Nonetheless, the intensity and naturalness in writing keep the show engrossed. There’s not much to do with the action sequences and most of the episodes are conversations, but still, we get commuted into those dense forests to accompany these characters. Special mention to director Amit Masurkar for his ability to make the dramatic moments look convincing, cinematography Rakesh Haridas for endowing the audience with outstanding visuals (there’s no unwanted grading of colors, but a natural approach), and the sound design by Anish John.  

Vidya Balan has just surrendered herself to the director’s portrayal of Vidya Vincent. The other actors Vijay Raaz and Sharath Saxena boost up the film’s intensity with their acting respectively. The director’s outstanding proficiency in taking this premise into a much realistic way of the political domain is more appreciable. There’s a dialogue between Vidya Balan and the politician, where the former says, “Sir! It wasn’t the Tigress, but the bear that killed this man,” and the politician replies, “What’s the big deal? Let it be what the people say.” This dialogue just breaks open the brutal truth behind the oppressions faced by many sincere officers while serving the country in different departments.

Sherni is a movie that agglomerates a simple tale with lots of intense moments, which makes it watchable.


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