Jagame Thanthiram Review – A potboiler that does everything to satisfy Dhanush fans 

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Indian actor Dhanush has always owned a unique trait of proving his proficiency simultaneously in offbeat and what’s called ‘Masala’ entertainer. He carves a niche of excellence in author-backed roles like Aadukalam, Asuran, Karnan, and a few more. On the other hand, he enthusiastically enthralls his league of fans with entertainers. And that’s what Jagame Thanthiram is all about. If you’ve been a keen follower of South Indian movies, it’s so much evident with flicks like Kuruvi, the KGF franchise, and what not? A myriad of such exemplifications exists, where the protagonist initially would be a devil-may-care guy, who transforms into a savior of crowds. 

Suruli (Dhanush) is a gangster out in Southern Tamil Nadu, who is hired by London’s bigwig Peter Sprott (James Cosmo) to bump off his opponent Sivadoss (Joju George). The former is against the refugees getting settled in Great Britain, and the latter supports them. Eventually, Peter makes use of Suruli to wipe out the Kingdom of Sivadoss and accomplishes it. However, Suruli soon realizes the mess and bounces back to complete the incomplete mission of Sivadoss. 

Don’t be disappointed after finding the entire story here. Of course, the makers had already revealed it before the release. It’s a time and again tested story premise, which might not be impressive when narrated as a story, but somehow manages to keep the audience engrossed with its visual presentation. The first 30 minutes of the movie is a pure treat for Dhanush fans. The shootout inside the train followed by the ‘Rakita Rakita’ song, and yet another shootout inside a restaurant, accompanied with plenty of massy dialogues from the star. As the story steps into London, we get to see Joju George completely dominating the show. He is a born actor, which the entire country will recognize soon. Aishwarya Leskhmi’s Malayalam bounded Tamil linguistics helps out her characterization as an Eelam girl to a greater extent. The others in the star cast have done justice to their roles. 

The visuals are promising, and the background score by Santhosh Narayanan is commendable. Thanks to director Karthik Subbaraj for his right decision of deleting two songs (Bujji and Nethu), which are popular numbers on YouTube. With 3 hours being the running length and the screenplay is very predictable, Jagame Thanthiram gets sluggish during the second hour. However, it is a treat for Dhanush fans, especially during this critical juncture of theaters shut down everywhere in India. 




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