Pachchis Review – A timeworn tale that fails to evoke excitements except few moments

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It looks like the concept of gambling bounded heist amalgamated with a few sub-plots doesn’t work all the time in the Indian film industry. Irrespective of its budget or any regional industry, they have not clicked well amongst the crowds. From Ben Kingsley-Amitabh Bachchan-Madhavan starrer ‘Teen Patti’ to lots of Telugu and South Indian movies, it’s not been a fair play for the makers or the audiences. So how about the new Telugu release ‘Pachchis’ premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

The story revolves around Abhiram (Raamz), who has lost a big money in gambling. Alas! Now, he has to return Rs.25L to the casino owner RK (Krishna). With his life at risk, he decides to craft a big game involving a couple of big politicians. On the other hand, there’s a woman in pursuit of her long-lost brother. Well, now you would have assumed what if both could be the sibling.  Ah! If so, you got to take a look at the movie.

In recent times, lots of Telugu movies are finding direct premieres on OTT platforms. Well, there’s something really special about this league of flicks as they are made at a shoestring budget and easily make a decent score. Pachchis is nowhere far away from this concept. However, what could have been an edge-of-seat thriller turns out to be a sluggish dark drama (Especially, the dark tone cinematography), which slightly offers boredom. It looks like the directors of the film – Ram Sai and Sri Krishna are avidly inspired by Ram Gopal Varma’s pattern of making movies. When the great moviemaker is stumbling down the line repeating the same techniques, it’s not possible with the blueprints replicated. It’s the same with Pachchis that fails to keep us engrossed. The casting turns to be one of the most disappointing elements. No offense! But lead actor Raamz doesn’t fit into the protagonist’s role. This is a character that demands quirkiness, but he completely lacks it. Swetaa Varma comes up with a laudable spell. Be it her expressions or how she emotes, keeping the role active perpetually deserves special mention. The others in the star including actor Krishna are good, but their characterizations don’t find any prominence.

As cited above, the cinematography with dark visuals makes the dull movie more sluggish, thereby instilling the urge to yawn now and then. If not for the background score of Smaran Sai, the movie would have sunk by the first half itself.

Pachchis has some laudable moments but in limited stock. If the writers had come up with few more engrossing sequences, it would have been a taut thriller.



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