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Few feel-good movies arrive as surprise veiled with low-key profile and enchant with its arrival. Disney Plus Hotstar consistently keeps streaming movies that might not be the biggies, but then, the simple tales coated with pleasantness. Shaadistan featuring Kirti Kulhari in the lead role is nothing less than drizzles and breeziness agglomerated together. 

The story is about a couple of groups encountering each other while traveling from different ends. One among them is a band of musicians led by Sasha (Kirti Kulhari), and then, there’s a family commuting between Mumbai and Gujarat for a wedding ceremony. With these people from different walks of life coming across each other, it’s time that they unlearn and gain a new perspective of their way of living. 

When the movie begins, we might have little idea about what we are going to experience. Of course, movies based on characters from different backdrops bouncing upon each other travel are not new to the screens. These have been a pretty hackneyed premise that western and eastern movies have already attempted. Nonetheless, every journey is unique and different, right? So is Shaadisthan. Incisively, nothing is aggrandizing. The characters or dramatic events are neat and simple: without any exaggerations. This 95-minute story has light humour and emotions amalgamated together. Naturally, these tales, when made in our sub-continent, carry preachy pieces of stuff as a mandatory ingredient, especially with a woman being the protagonist. Shaadistan does have them as sprinkles and not a heavy downpour. 

The performance of Kirti Kulhari is appreciable as she effortlessly renders a decorous work. Niveditha Bhattacharya is yet another embellishment to the story, and the small-time appearance by Kay Kay Menon adds good value to the movie. 

When it comes to technical aspects, every department has done a commendable job. Since the movie is based on music partially and the songs are enjoyable. It could have been better if the composers had pulled it off in the same manner with the background score as well. The picturesque visual deserve appreciations. 

Overall, Shaadisthan, as abovementioned, is simple, sweet, and pleasant to watch.  



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