Lupin Season 2 Review– Engaging and enthralling than the first season 

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Very rarely, we come across a series that outperforms the previous seasons. True that! And here comes one as a perfect exemplification. Lupin Season 2 has all the essential ingredients that endorse enthrallment and engrossments without fail. The new season follows the ending of Season 1, where Pellegrini had kidnapped the son of Assane Diop. And now, the latter using the tactics of his favourite fictional Arsene Lupin manages to trap Pellegrini and bring him before the law. 

With the word - Lupin becoming a source of attraction (Especially for the fans of the literary character) towards this series, the first installment had found a phenomenal response. Apparently, with the anticipations of finding the best place on the radar, the writing endows a decorous experience. Of course, the wowing backdrops of Paris, an elite club of burglars, are more than enough factors to kindle the ones with a penchant taste for such domains. Another highlighting trait about the new season. After some violent acts of murder involved in the first part, the makers have made sure of not having more here and have keenly focused on getting the drama engaged without using unwanted action blocks. Of course, the series does sprinkle the racism issues here and there. In particular, it becomes an impediment for the protagonist Diop during his investigations. (Well, it’s Paris for FYI). With the series having nitty-gritty elements of a thriller written perfectly, you’ll be propelled to watch all the episodes together. Of course, it’s worth doing so. 

First things first; it’s the outstanding Omar Sy's performance, which turns more spotlights on this new season. In particular, the way he emotes unconditionally with the urge to get back his son leaves us transfixed. Both Antoine Gouy and Soufianne Guerrab serve their best in the roles of Benjamin and, detective respectively. Nonetheless, Herve Pierre, who impressed us vividly in the first season, fails to do so in this new season. 

There are lots of clap-worthy moments, and one among them is the scene where Diop shares the stage with the orchestra. Not to miss the visual magic that embellishes Paris in a different dimension. Honestly, nothing to be picked and cited on the flip side. However, the tug of war between the protagonist and antagonist could have been more gripping. 

As a whole, Lupin Season 2 premiering on Netflix is worth a watch, and you’ll feel that it was worth doing so.



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