The Family Man Season 2 – Double the raciness, double the engagement  

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Written by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

If there could be one web series in the pages of the Indian OTT platform made till the end, The Family Man would be an ample exemplification of sticking to the perfect formula. The first season had a silent arrival but turned to be an overnight charmer of universal crowds. The intriguing part about the franchise is its ability to blend the emotional aspects (As the title suggests) of the protagonist Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee). In the second season, he is still clinging to the past in both personal and professional aspects. He has sacrificed his job and pinned himself to a 9-5 desk work, he cooks for his family, drops and picks up his kid, but still, his wife (Priyamani) hasn’t reciprocated her feelings. Well, she carries the burden, which she hid from not just her hubby, but audiences as well. While his family life crisis is spiking up, especially with his teen daughter innocuously falling prey to some terrorist’s clutches, ST has to bounce back to the task of preventing serious devastation to be caused in Chennai by Sri Lankan Tamil group backed by ISI (The latter sparks off the issue to retaliate and complete the Zulfidhar 2.0 Mission, where Prime Minister Basu is the target). 


The way, Raj and DK have penned the screenplay stands out to be the major source of attraction here. The process of unveiling the unanswered ending of the first season followed by the introduction of new characters and the way conflicts are sorted out by the end is appreciable. With the entire season having a running length of approximately 410 minutes, you’ll be urged for a binge-watch, for such is the engrossing narration. 

When it comes to performance, Manoj Bajpayee nails it down perfectly. Samantha as Raji looks a little odd. Although she tries to execute the emotions of this role in a perfect manner, we fail to empathize. Priyamani, Devadarshini, and the others in the star cast have done neat work. In the technical domain, the musical score gets noticed and few might start looking out for the tracks on YouTube now. However, the way Chennai is projected seems to be a little odd for it isn’t a land of slums, filter Kaapi, and sewages. The city is far more advanced than many cities in Northern India. Although the makers try to project it through the eyes of the ‘Muthu’ character, it would be better with Bollywood stops focalizing on this myth. 


Overall, The Family Man Season 2 is based on real-life incidents of the Former Indian Prime Minister's assassination by the Sri Lankan rebel group. Nonetheless, the way it is fictionalized with change in characterizations (Raj & DK have smartly written and executed them). When it comes to the engagement factor, it’s a perfect treat to watch out for. 


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