Brombhodoityo Review – Excellent folklore adaptation that thrills and chills your spine

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The earnest reason to connect Stephen King with Abhirup Ghosh’s latest outing ‘Brombhodoityo’ is because it ritually sticks to the demographic values.. The legendary writer always has a different presentation of demonic avatars, which are more connected to the psychological aspects of a human mind. That’s the major reason why ‘IT’ found such an immense response across the globe. Okay! So what about this new feature film ‘Brombhodoityo’ which is streaming on HoiChoi from today? It’s an excellent attempt to narrate the supernatural elements accordingly with the Bengali folklore. The filmmaker deserves a special mention for this attempt as he doesn’t borrow the routine Hollywood or Western horror tales but instead emphasizes on the gripping storytelling.

Sayantika (Saayoni Ghosh), a journalist is working on the topic of Halloween and comes across a website – that is actually selling ghosts. She gets herself toasted with laughter as she thinks, it’s a prank and orders a ghost named ‘Brombhodoityo’, since it costs cheap with 90% discount. However, she finds the team of officials delivering the iron trunk along with some accessories and still, she doesn’t believe it until she starts experiencing the supernatural activities. The demonic avatar soon pops and Sayantika gets into such a hazardous situation that almost costs her life. What unfolds next is her attempt to cast away the demonic block, but that’s not going to be an easy mission.

This film can be considered as a case study for many aspiring filmmakers in our subcontinent. It’s because India being a country of ancient folklores has the capability of narrating brilliant stories. Of course, that’s how we grew up listening to the horror stories from our grandparents. But, we rarely come across such stories in celluloid version as most of flicks from this genre banks its trust on lavish VFX and technical aspects. Brombhodoityo has been shot with average production value, but it never looks like an issue for the audiences would be dosed with engaging narration. As with performance, Saayoni Ghosh has done a remarkable job with her spontaneous acting. Rudrani Ghosh is the soul of this film as he distinctly gives a tremendous shot with his outstanding performance.

On the whole, Brombhodoityo is an excellent attempt, which purely sticks to its demographic values. At the same time, if delivers the plenty of spine-chilling moments, which will scare you to the core.


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