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Every time, a teen romance is on the array to watch, it’s obviously coated the regular paradigms and the tale indeed has a prototyped eminence. There’s no way that we can find a story that is poles apart from these usual standards. Chemical Hearts inspired from novel with almost the same title “Our Chemical Hearts’ traverses through the lives of a couple, college seniors – Grace Town (Lili Reinhart) and Henry Page (Austin Abrams), who are into relationship. The film falling into the category of ‘R’ does have some restrictions for kids, but who cares, when it’s streaming on Amazon.

Analyzing the film turns to be a pretty easy job here as the story is very much superficial, where the stellar performances of lead actors save the ship in many places… Not to miss the extremely convincing performance of Lili Reinhart as she soulfully breathes more life into her character. Regardless of the mediocre moments, we do get adhered to the screens for the nuanced performances of Lili and Austin. The other amazing attributes that you would distinctly find here is the background score and songs. The visuals are indeed the icing of cake as you’ll feel more like walking amidst the mists with this couple. It takes nearly half an hour for the audiences to grasp what the tale is all about, especially, the intentions of Grace. All begins well, until the proceedings get a little mediocre and flimsy..

As on whole, Chemical Hearts owns nothing special to offer the teens or the romantic genre buffs, but you can still watch it for the graceful performances of lead actors.

Verdict: Except for the stellar performances of Lili and Austin, the magical chemicals go missing.

Rating: 2.5/5



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