Aditi Balan reveals a major secret about Prithviraj’s Cold Case

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There’s always an inevitable conflict amidst logic and faith regarding horror or supernatural thriller-based movies. In Prithviraj-Aditi Balan starrer “Cold Case” premiering tonight (June 29) on Amazon Prime Video, we hear the verbal affirmation of the same. We are introduced to two characters, a police officer (Prithviraj), who after getting a human skull excavated from the grounds is on the run for the killer, and then, Medha (Aditi Balan), who strongly believes in the presence of supernatural entities. With the cop taking the side of Logic and Medha, the faith, the audiences are indulged inquisitively investigating on who the winner could be.

Significantly, Tamil actress Aditi Balan, who plays the role of Medha hints a clue that there’s nothing ‘Wrong’ and ‘Right’ here. Elaborating on the same, she opines, “Both the characters are on the pursuit of something based on their ideologies. After a certain point in time, when their paths collide, they complement each other. So there’s nothing called wrong or right here.” Well, it gives an impression that both faith and logic are counterparts. Let us wait and watch out for this edge-seated supernatural thriller streaming tonight on Amazon Prime Video.


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