June 17-21: OTT platform to bring the biggest premiere of movies and web series

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Perhaps, the theatrical operations might take its spree back in routine mode from next month albeit the fact that there’s no official announcement on it. Alas! The moviegoers are already drenched in intense disappointment over the current bleak scenario, but nothing seems to have hampered the OTT buffs as they have a plethora of releases. This weekend has a pretty league of releases, with both movies and web series.


  1. Dhanush starrer Jagame Thanthiram

The much-awaited movie is all set for its premiere on Netflix on June 18, 2021. The movie is directed by Karthik Subbaraj and is produced by Y NOT Studios with Dhanush playing the lead role.

Date: June 18, 2021

Platform: Netflix



  1. Sherni

Lots of movies have been made based on man eaters-tigers in the deep-rooted forests of the Indian sub-continent. Vidya Balan’s Sherni is yet another movie joining the league now. The movie will be premiering this Friday.

Date: June 18, 2021

Platform: Amazon Prime Video



  1. In the Name of God

This has been a catchphrase in real and reel panoramas, which involves a war of greed disguised as God. Ha! Well, we aren’t sure what this movie is all about, but the visual promos have encapsulated the presence of a dark-gritty premise embedded with lust, greed, and vengeance as the core ingredients. The web series comes from the director Priyadarshini, who enthralled the crowds with a laughter-riot movie Jathi Rathnalu... It’s time for the filmmaker to exhibit her directorial prowess in a different domain.

Date : June 18, 2021

Platform: Aha Video



  1. Luca

Okay! Do you think gunshots and bloodshed splashed movies-web series aren’t your cup of coffee for the moment? Are you looking out for a breezy entertainer? Grab hold of this animation-adventure treat ‘Luca’ presented by Disney-Pixar. The movie is about a sea monster/ shapeshifter named Luca Paguro in the town of Portorosso. Together with his friend Alberto Scorfano, he comes across the changes that happen in the neighborhood. It’s a feel-good coming-of-age movie with a running length of 95 minutes.

Date:  June 18, 2021

Platform: Disney+ Hotstar




Don’t mistake this one to be the farthest cousin of ‘Father of the Bride’ or perhaps,  don’t go for the synonymous call with George Clooney’s ‘The Descendant’.  It’s a beautiful feel-good fun movie featuring Kavin Hart. As the title suggests, the movie is about a single father coping up with the loss of his deceased wife and bringing up his daughter.


Date: June 18, 2021

Platform: Netflix



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