Netflix beats YouTube by making this average series, a No.1 in USA

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That’s called the Midas-Touch of Netflix. Many shows, films and web series have found the sudden gold rush when tagged with the brand ‘Netflix’. Now it is the same with ‘Cobra Kai’, which having witnessed a mediocre result with YouTube Premium has now become No.1 series in USA. Courtesy to Netflix! It acquired not just the couple of seasons, but the entire series with the third outing expected to get streamed by early 2021. In spite of having a good content, the show didn’t make it bigger on YouTube Premium as the streaming team felt that Originals aren’t their piece of cake. Eventually, realizing the potentials and substantiality of the series, Netflix made a right move by acquiring and marketing the show, thereby making it a No.1 show in USA.


Cobra Kai is a sequel to Karate Kid placed 10 years later after the original piece revolving around the main characters played by William Zabka and Ralph Macchio. The show has registered a critics ratings of 94% and audiences with 96%.



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